Chris's Photo Gallery
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Chris with his inventions
Chris (right), age 2, with his older brother Karl. Chris is looking through a hand held toy guitar that he broke the neck off of so that he could see what made it work! He was an inventor in the making!
Chris, age 14
Chris, age 17
Chris and brother Karl - 1975
Chris the Inventor examining the DeLoren car used in the movie "Back To The Future"!
Chris and his bandmates: Imperial Palace Las Vegas House Band - 1978-1981
The band "Rio" ... Chris is seated in the chair. Standing to his left is his youngest brother Josh. Standing to his right is Billy Young.
Las Vegas Sands
Copa Room 1987
Chris and his guitar
Chris and his family: starting at the left is standing Brother Karl, next Brother Jeff, in the back is Brother Josh, Chris is standing on the right and his Mother and Father are standing front center.
Chris and Diane
Christmas 2009: Chris and Diane
Christmas 2010: Chris and Diane
Christmas 2010: Chris's parents, Mary and Rudi, with Diane
Christmas 2012: Chris and Diane
Chris's Father "Rudi Eagan"
Chris's Father was Sammy Davis Jr'.s pianist for many years.
From left to right:
Dick Elliot, Sammy Davis Jr., Rudi Eagan and another musician.

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