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Hi -

I listened to Chris Eagan's CD. He does a terrific job -

The background is interesting and the lead guitar has a nice sound.

I didn't know that the Beatles wrote so many songs.

Billy Mure

[Billy is the world-renowned guitarist who released more than 20 guitar albums and played guitar on dozens of hit records during a career spanning 78 years.]

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Chris is truly one of the best guitar players I have ever heard. The Beatles songs he played are just fantastic. The video that was done by Ed Rambeau has got to be the best I have ever seen. What a great job.

I will tell my listeners and will play it during the week as well.

Bob Spicer

Chris is a very talented musician.

Tom Giusto, ABC News.

Charlie Gracie, Jr., here.

This sounds great to me...and I love the promo video too. I will send this to all fervent Beatles fans I know. Chris did a great job.

My dad is over in Britain on a five-week tour, but when he returns, I will share this with him for sure...not too shabby a guitarist himself!!!

Charlie, JR.

Thatís awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Bob Singleton

Simply wonderful work here
well done my friend


This is really good. Good job!! I enjoyed it!


Chris, thanks for this musical journey down memory lane. I like your interpretation of these clasic Beatles songs. I particularly liked "Ticket to Ride." Debbie


Terrific, original renditions of Beatle songs we love. Great job Chris!!!..XO


Well done Chris. A lovely piece of work.


A wonderful collection of Beatles songs done to perfection by you. Thanks for the wonderful journey. Regards, Nettie


Great guitar playing here friends! two thumbs up!


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