Chris's Biography

Chris Eagan was born on December 7, 1957 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

He is the third child of four sons born to his parents, Mary and Rudi Eagan

From the time Chris was born until he was only around the age of being a few months old, whereby he still could not move his head, his crib was in his Father's Music Room. Across from the crib was a large speaker and on top of that was a McIntosh Amp & Pre Amp and a turntable to play records.

Although he could not move yet, Chris somehow knew that this equipment was something of interest to him that he wished he could reach out and touch and take it apart.

That is what Chris eventually did at the age of four years old, when his Father was on the road with his band.

This was the beginning of an inventor in the makings!

As a kid Chris was always tearing things apart to see what made them work! And, amazingly he was able to put everything back together without needing any instructions to guide him!

He could fix anything! And all of his neighbors and his friend's parents knew this. So Chris was always being called on the phone by someone to come to their house to fix something that was not working.

Chris enjoyed the challenge and it taught him all that he needed to learn so that one day, when he became an adult he, would find himself inventing products!

Throughout the years of growing up Chris always saw the future of what new products were going to eventually come out on the market.

Many of these products did come out 20 years later!

In addition to Chris's unique inventive abilities he also was musically-inclined from the time he was a small child.

He would listen to Ray Charles records while he was in his crib and then in his bed and would rock himself to sleep to the soul full music that he was hearing.

Chris was born with a couple of physical problems, which caused him to become the person he is today. He had a lazy eye and a speech impediment, for which he took therapy for many years using a tape recorder to take lessons daily involving speaking exercises.

This really got Chris involved into the recording and capturing of sounds! Chris thought it was magical!

Eventually by the time he was 14 years old he started to play guitar and continued to play up to the point where became a professional musician by the age of 16, playing in small clubs in Las Vegas.

By the time Chris was in his mid twenties he was working in the Sands Hotel Showroom in Las Vegas.

During that time between comedian breaks, Chris would lay his guitar on his lap with the back facing up and he had a hot soldering gun ready to solder the first circuit board for the very first tool he was inventing!

This tool -- called the EngineEAR -- came out in 1988 on the professional tool market and was sold by all the major tool companies throughout the world and still is!

And, with this first tool, Chris turned a small company that was called JS Products into STEELMAN CORPORATION, which is one the biggest tool companies in the world just by selling Chris's tools!

After Chris's first tool hit the market, he became very involved with inventing new products, even though he began to suffer through a mental depression that he thought would never end.
He quit playing in the Las Vegas show rooms and lounges as the depression took over his life!
That was in 1989, when he wrote "HOME, STREET, HOME" and other songs.

In the mid part of 1991 thru the early part of 1992 Chris started working with his friend Tony Commisso to record many of the songs that Chris wrote. Tony sequenced and played the keyboard parts on the music tracks while Chris played all the guitar parts.

Tony, being a long time good friend, noticed that Chris was suffering with depression and he told him that he wanted to introduce him to a woman that he knew who was also going through her own personal problems.

He thought that maybe she and Chris could become friends and help each other out.

So, on January 3, 1992, Chris had a blind date and met the woman who was to become his wife and best friend, recording artist Diane Renay. They were married July 4th 1992!

Through the years Chris kept on inventing new products and many of his new products are currently on the market today!

Chris wants to thank his family for being the best family someone could have!

And Chris wants to say a Special Thank You to his wife Diane for all of the emotional support and encouragement that she has given him throughout the 20 years of their relationship!

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